What is Human Life Value?

Putting a finger on the value of yr life is crazy. Isn’t yr life invaluable and priceless?

Indian consumers have bought life insurance for reasons of tax saving rather than the core need of providing for one’s family in case of death of breadwinner.

Secondly, Indian consumers have been unaware that insurance too needs change with every change in one’s life stage (e.g., if one gets married or has children, one’s need for insurance goes up).

As a result the average insurance size is less than Rs 1,00,000. This is less than the price of a car yet to be made. And every car has to be insured by thr rule of the land. This implies that people who think they are insured are also heavily under-insured.

Heard of this yaksha question: What is the greatest mystery on earth? Yudhisthir answers, Every one has to die. But no one thinks that for himself. This is the greatest mystery.”

In a broad economic sense, insurance transfers risk from individuals to a larger group, this is
better able to pay for losses.

So how do you calculate yr Insurance need? Start with calculating yr Human Life Value (HLV). A very simple way of looking at it is as follows. Imagine a monthly income of Rs 10000 and the net income provided to the family is Rs 8000 after deducting Rs 2000 for personal expenses. Thus the annual income provided to yr family is Rs 96000. The amount of money which will earn Rs 96000 pa at 8% interest rate is Rs 12,00,000. This is only a representation of the value of HLV. It is not the exact way of calculating yr HLV.

The future income growth, yr income generating assets, liabilities, spouse income, children’s
education, etc are also to be factored in.


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