Are you ready to harness the power of the internet for your professional growth? Read on to get a feel of the potential and also the way to use it to full potential. Or Click here

Internet is a growing medium which is changing the way we work or operate. It facilitates easy dissmination of information and is a powerful networking tool. It also helps in bringing greater transparency of transactions.

There are more than 30 million internet users in the country and is growing by leaps and bounds. Google predicts that the future of the net is in India. IAMAI expects internet users to cross 100 million in another two years.

Already people are using the net to buy railway and air tickets, shopping for consumer items, gifts, etc. People are using it for information and comparisons.

It is said that the new age consumer is not a moron but your wife! And she is increasingly buying, researching, comparing and spending quality time on the NET.

We feel that Financial planning for an individual is best done by personal counselling. However tools, calculators and information is available on the net to make it simpler. More and more people are using it to their advantage. This makes the job of a professional finacial planner easier in a way because clients don’t have to be explained the basics.

Are you reaching out to this informed audience which is the future of the nation? This group has better income and a spending attitude waiting to be reached.

Tell us about yourself and we will build a web page for you ! Surprised ? We believe that providing information and transparency is the key to the future. We want professional planners to reach out and provide quality advice to people. This infact is the mission of this website.

It is an opportunity for you to be a part of a growing medium.

There is no cost to this thanks to Google which has helped us to create these pages through powerful softwares.

See an example of a web page of a Certified Financial Planner. Send us your details in the format of the example. You may add some special details about yourself if you feel that it is important for people to know about that.


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